When the economy is about to collapse, digital currency stands at the door. The machines take on more and more jobs. Nowadays, many people stand down and see a welfare society fall; What happens to your and my security, our pensions, our health care. How do we stand up to the new era?

All these are things we talk about in the course called Omeg @ lfa where you get keys to future roads that will carry, knowledge to then judge for yourself.

Today it has rarely been more important to have a Coach who can take you from the place you are today to the place you want to be in a given time. I share my experience and Coach you for a while so that you can get the wings you need in the form of knowledge and updated information.

Having a website is important for being visible and easily showing the World what you do and what you can do for them. As an educated DPP (digital educational producer), I am happy to help you with your web.

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As a social entrepreneur, I like business and making money. However, money is needed to help others. Therefore, since 2012 I have had a non-profit organization called Bbeabridge where we help non-profit to improve the situation for young people, and build bridges. We build bridges between people, often age through music, but sometimes we involve our two ambassadors Dagny Carlsson 107 years and Thérese Neaimé.

Language is my field with two teachers degree in English and Spanish I also work as Swedish Coach via the Berlitz method. If you want to book me, you can go directly to my Booking channel Book Direct Press HERE

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