What does it cost to get a simple web and some hours to learn myself;

I prefer to teach you do your own website. In that case we meet online on a regular timetable after setting up a simple website. Fixed price Eur 1200. (Includes a simple 4 page web and 10 hours meeting during a year to teach you until you are ready to work on your own.

A Business pack, we set up a business shop with health items and add the online shop on your web, you get a 8 page webb, a online shop, you get health products to consume or sell for a value of Eur 1200. You get 10 hours online support and teaching during a year so you will be ready to work on your own after a year. Fixed price Eur 2400. 

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What Does a Website Cost? Website Price 2019
Perhaps the most common question we get on Sitea is: What does a website cost?
And often when we answer what it costs to make a website, we take into account a variety of factors. In simple terms, it depends entirely on the degree to which the website should be adapted, tailored, the size of the website and the degree of graphic design. Or even easier. It depends on what the customer needs. In this guide we will go through all aspects more consistently to be able to determine the price of a website:
 We go through the following price categories for what a website can cost and what you can expect:

Eur 490 – Eur 690, Eur 690 – Eur 1290, Eur 1290 – Eur 2290 and more than Eur 2290.

The cost of creating a website and the price depends, among other things, on:

Degree of adaptation
Graphic profile
The number of subpages
Website size
The amount of functions
Your wishes and budget
Choice of web hosting (often a monthly fee)
Any fees from the web agency
We at Sitea have conducted a small study of what different web agencies are taking for their websites and what it is that is included in the different price categories. We have found that to answer the question «what does it cost to make a website» we can divide it into four different price categories.

We will now go through what you get in each price range so that you as a customer can decide if the website’s price and the features included are a good offer. Because it is not always a website at a low price in the end becomes an affordable website.

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Website price: Eur 490 – 690
There are a lot of web agencies that offer standard websites in this price range. A website in this price range gives you 4-5 sub-pages, relatively simple design and graphic profile as well as low degree of customization and unique design.

If you are looking for a simple website, with the pages «About the company», «Contact», «Services» and a «main page» then this price range is perfect for you! You can count on:

A simple website
Publishing Tools & CMS (eg WordPress).
4-5 Sub-pages
Low degree of design
Low or no degree of Keyword Optimization
Standard theme in WordPress
Simple mobile adaptation
A simple expression gives you a website smed simple design, simple functionality and a few number of subpages. This package is suitable for bloggers, as well as very small companies with very few services.