Alf @ Omega should be changed to Omeg @ lfa. Imagine that money is not a problem but something we get to ourselves without effort. We also have no desire to save them and lock them in like a tree that does not hold its leaves back but happily leaves both leaves, flowers and fruit in when the time is ripe. Does it sound flimsy?

The theme of Energy begins with yourself. What are you on for Energy, how do you assess the energy in what you have around you? Time Energy? Economy Energy?

I give you knowledge of economics in the 21st century. What are the reasons why you would not benefit from understanding why the Fourth Industrial Revolution will change the World very quickly and what it will look like? It gives you the opportunity to prepare yourself and your family and create an alternative economy based on passive income, sustainable investment and choices based on up-to-date information on how money actually grows as grass. We must learn to plant in the right pot. We must have knowledge that is relevant and honest that allows us to quickly get into digital currency.

The only thing we have in life is 24 hours of energy. It is important to put our energy where we can have a high positive energy.

All these themes I talk about in my Omeg @ lfa course, which guides you into a port where you have the opportunity to draw your own conclusions based on updated information, new tools and put your GPS on what really matters to you in life.