Hello! Welcome to my homepage!

I´m here to better be able to help you and mankind with my talent and ability.  As a Coach and Teacher with years of experience I love to show you short cuts and give ideas that can help you improve better and faster. 

I have a booking channel you can use to book an hour or coarse with me. You can book a 15 min for free to have a chat before you take a decision.

I´m a writer and write poems, biography, and film manuscript. I´m a social entrepreneur that makes me like business and making money but above all I like to help others and mankind. 

I´m a founder of a Non profitable organisation Bbeabridge International that is an organisation to help youth and build bridges between people, ages, culture. We often use Culture to create platforms to Unite. We are involved in Event, Coaching and also to create jobs and help unemployed how to start up freelancing working in areas around «home». We have created an enterprise KuliosaKuriosa limited in order to show others «How to make a better World».